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DP Series valves maintenance and installation


Installation / Operating / Maintenance Instructions

1. Install in clean / acid free atmosphere.
2. Before installation of the valve check whether the unit is as per the specifications.
3. Check for proper fittings to be used on to the valve. Use only (R) taper thread nipples
with teflon tape.
4. When using (G) parallel thread nipples, use sealing washer and check the length of the
thread as below.

Maintenance Instructions

1. Before dismantling the valve, cut the air source to the valve and exhaust the air by
operating the valve several times.
2. Remove the valve from the machine and clean the assembly thoroughly.
3. The valve can be tested by connecting the valve to the single acting cylinder and
operating it.

Dismantling and Assembling

1. Dismantle the Circlip from the housing.
2. Dismantle the Bottom plug from the housing.
3. Remove the spring and valve cone assembly from the housing.
4. Check ‘O’ Ring, Nutring cum wiper for any damages or scratches.
5. Replace the required necessary spares.
6. Apply general purpose grease on the ‘O’ rings, Nutring cum wiper and bore of the
7. Reassemble the valve.
8. Check the performance of the valve by operating the same..

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