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Why You Should Buy From An Authorised Dealer Like Sovereign Electro Electronics?


Authorized Dealer Certificate – 01-04-2022 to 31-03-2023

Genuine and Original Quality Products.
Janatics boasts of a state of the art R&D division, recognised by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India. Continued research and development using advanced technologies for prototyping, testing, instrumentation, and accelerated life testing results in development of high quality and reliable products.

Duplicating a product and selling it for less than the market price of look a like products are quick and easy in this industrial and internet economy.

But buyers of spurious products will suffer, when they buy Janatics Pneumatic products from un authorised dealers and the life of the products and the intended application of the purpose will suffer.

We SOVEREIGN ELECTRO ELECTRONICS is an Authorised Dealers Of Janatics Brand Pneumatic products from 1978, serving and supplying all kinds of industries in India and abroad with fully satisfied clients.

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